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Hotels must ease booking shift from mobile to desktop

Front view of the Statue of Liberty in New York City
Front view of the Statue of Liberty in New York City
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Planning for travel often begins on smartphones and tablets, but hoteliers must streamline the jump from mobile to desktops for final booking to take full advantage of existing consumer behavior.

As the push for hotels to streamline the mobile bookings process continues, hoteliers must also keep in mind that a booking journey born via mobile often still migrates to the desktop, sources said.

Speaking during Phocuswright’s recent “Mobile’s breaking points: Are smartphones ready for center stage in travel planning?” webinar, Phocuswright VP of research Douglas Quinby and Google product marketing manager Shelby Coyne discussed the path travelers take in booking their journeys.

Quinby said consumers, particularly those in the U.S., are very comfortable using smartphones to browse travel destinations and hotels. But their comfort level isn’t as high when it comes to making the purchase, especially compared to other categories like music, books and household goods.

“There’s very clearly a migration from smartphone to desktop or laptop,” he said.

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