Hotel Marketing

Improving the guest experience through apps

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Moving beyond online bookings, hoteliers are exploring another area of the online hotel landscape: The burgeoning app market.

Millennials are accustomed to apps; they crave the latest technological trends. Savvy hotel management can use this demand to create more personalized and customized service and to generate more business by catering to the app market.

Matt Allard, the founder and president of Runtriz, a Los Angeles-based startup that has developed software platforms for nearly 6,000 hotel properties, is a frontrunner for this new client service model. The Radisson RED Brussels, with the Runtriz-designed Radisson RED app, has become the poster child for an innovative and fresh guest experience. Allard says when he looked at the hospitality industry and what guests find valuable, he noticed a big gap in technology and how hotels were communicating with guests. So, he decided to fill that need.

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